Wudang Kung Fu

Our group of 10 people are from the American Tai Chi Society, and there are coaches and students among us. During training at Wudang Mountain Kungfu Academy, Master Chen taught us Wudang Wuji Kungfu. We have left our team’s hard work in the quiet environment of the “Shan Qing Tai” large outdoor exercise field, in the hall of Zhang Sanfeng’s ancestor, and in the indoor exercise field of the building. Practicing figure.
Through the study of Wudang Taoist dynamic qigong, we have a deeper understanding of Wudang internal kungfu, especially the in-depth understanding of Wudang Wuji Kungfu.

We will come to Wudang Mountain in the future again, and we will also come to the Wudang Mountain Kungfu Academy. We will not only learn Wudang Taoist dynamic and static qigong, but also other Wudang Wuji Kungfu, such as: Five-animal Qigong, Wudang Daoist Baduanjin, Dantian Zhanzhuang. We need to spread the Wudang health-preserving exercises we have learned to the American people, using Wudang health-preserving exercises as a medium to spread the friendship between the two peoples!