Body Hack Wudang Kung Fu

Yesterday, a team of six members of our Australian National Television Station arrived at the Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy to shoot the eight-day finale of the second season of the hit documentary “Body Hack” “Chinese Wudang Kung Fu”.

Since our film crew came to the academy to carry as many as 26 boxes of photographic equipment, and the journey to the Wudangshan Airport from Shanghai and Beijing, we found that one box was missing. Because our film crew has a limited stay in China this time, we have made arrangements for shooting every day. After learning about the situation, Wudangshan Airport helped to find it the next day and sent it directly to the academy, without affecting the shooting process.

We originally planned the first episode of the second season of “Body Hack” to be Wudang Kung Fu, but because of the visa time issue, in order not to affect other shooting, we finally decided to make this episode of “Wudang Kung Fu” as the closing chapter of the second season. ! Before coming to Wudang Mountain, our program team had been to the tropical rain forests of the Amazon, the Himalayas, the French army, and the Bayao in Southeast Asia for experience shooting. But Wudang Mountain, the most ideal Chinese Kung Fu filming location in our film crew’s mind, has never set foot. This time through twists and turns, I finally came here. Both the scenery and culture of Wudang Mountain are amazing, bringing us new experiences and new inspirations different from the past.

Before the filming started, we had been investigating for several months in the Wudang Mountain area, and finally chose Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy as the main filming location. Because Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy is not only the largest and best kung Fu school in Wudang Mountain, but also the best shooting conditions; and Master Chen is the champion of Wudang sword, and the representative of Wudang Kung Fu is also the most suitable candidate for shooting. But after coming here, what surprised us more was that Master Chen’s professionalism and dedication to the shooting of Wudang Kung Fu enabled this shooting to show the charm of Wudang Kung Fu more comprehensively and profoundly.

During the filming, our host, like other Wudang disciples, eats, trains, and rests according to school schedules. Yesterday, there was a sudden heavy rain during the training, but because the “foreign disciple” was still unqualified in training, the training did not stop during the heavy rain. Our photographers also took photos in the rain. No matter where you come from, no matter your position, come here to study, you need to train in accordance with the standards and requirements of Wudang Kung Fu. This kind of martial arts spirit is the reason why Wudang Kung Fu can continue to spread, and it is also the charm of its reputation at home and abroad.