Wudang kung Fu

In 2015, my twin brother Kristian and I came to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy with our Kung Fu dreams. Kristian and I are both experienced Chinese Kung Fu fans. We love Chinese Kung Fu very much. We often work with each other during training. We have been systematically learning Wudang Kung Fu for nearly four years in Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy, and we have learned a lot here. We have learned Wudang Xuangong Knife, Wudang Tai Chi Sword, Wudang Eight Immortal Cudgel, Wudang Whisk, Kung Fu Fan and other Wudang Weapons, Wudang Tiger Form, Wudng Xuanwu Form, Tai Chi and other Wudang Empty hand forms. We have also learned Wudang Light Skills and Qi Gong.

Now, Kristian and I are still studying at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy. For us, practicing Kung fu is not only a love, but also a kind of life: enter the Tao with martial arts, practice Taoism, realize the dream of Wudang, and the dream continues. , Wudang Kung fu will always accompany our lives, getting better and better, and constantly improving.