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Master Zheng An Xin

Calligraphy & Taoist Music Master

Master Zheng An Xin, Daoist name: Xuan Hong.

Master Zheng is Chinese calligraphy, painting and Daoist music teacher at the Wudang Kung Fu Academy. Master Zheng is a Taoist priest who lives in a temple in Wudang Mountain. He is familiar with Chinese music and calligraphy. Master Zheng is especially good at the traditional Chinese musical instruments ErHu, GuZheng and Dulcimer etc. He is very good at small regular script calligraphy, He has profound knowledge in ink landscape painting.

Master Zheng has studied calligraphy and Chinese music since he was a child, and has been practicing hard in the mountains for decades. After entering Taoism, he devoted himself to studying the five Taoist studies of ‘Mountain, Medicine, Fortune, Yun, and Divination’, especially ‘Mountain’. Master Zheng realized the Tao carefully, and after several years of dedicated practice, he finally understood the Tao.

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