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Oberle, France, Short-term Form Training Class

We are a group of 4 people form France, we have practiced Kung Fu for many years and have our own martial arts gym in France, where we mainly teach external Kung Fu. We have also studied Vietnamese martial arts. Vietnamese martial arts is a branch of Southeast Asian martial arts, and most of the content is passed down from Chinese martial arts. In order to seek more authentic Chinese Kungfu, my friends and I made a special trip to Wudang Mountain to learn Wudang internal kung fu.

When we arrived at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy, we were deeply attracted by the academy’s environment. This is what we want to yearn for in our hearts. The masters in the college are very professional and patient. I have studied the Wudang Eight Immortal Sticks, and my friends have studied Wudang ZiWu Spear, Wudang Tiger Form and Wudang Po Knife. Master Hu gave guidance to our Kung fu, telling us that Wudang Inner Kung fu is suitable for self-cultivation and training.

We benefited a lot from this trip to Wudang Mountain. We not only learned the mysterious Wudang Kung fu, but also appreciate the connotation of self-cultivation of Wudang internal Kung fu which will be of great help to our future teaching. We hope to study at Wudang Mountain Kung fu Academy next time.

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