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Francesco, Italy, Short-term Form Training Class

This is the third time my wife and I have come Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy to study. My father is a Kung Fu coach in Italy, so I have been familiar with Chinese Kung Fu since I was a child. My wife Anna was a student in my father’s martial arts gym. We have come together because of the love and common view of Kung Fu.

Before learning Kung Fu, we all have our own jobs. I am an engineer and my wife Anna is a doctor. Kung fu is only used to decorate my life as a hobby outside of work. But a few years ago, we saw a video of Master Hu’s Wudang Longhua Quan on the Internet, and we were shocked by the dynamic and majestic boxing techniques. We found it was very amazing.

In 2014, we came to Wudang Mountain for the first time and started a five-month study life. When we came here, we learned that although the boxing technique in the video was shocking, it was the result of decades of practice by the master. Regardless of what you have done before, you must start from the basic skills, and then you can begin to learn martial arts such as martial arts, swordsmanship, and so on.

The master’s requirements are extremely strict. At the beginning, he had to do more than a thousand kicks every day. But it is through such hard training that we can enter the real Wudang Kungfu. In the past few years, we have returned to school many times. In the exchanges and exchanges between the two places and Kung Fu, they also brought the real Wudang Kung Fu back to Italy.

Wudang Kung Fu is not like the ordinary sports of playing football and basketball. Kung Fu requires the unity of body and mind, and needs to understand the connotation through movements and perceive the changes in one’s body and mind.

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