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Hong Kong Team, Short-term Form Class

We are a team of 35 people from the Hong Kong Youth Association. As of 2019, we have came to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy to learn Wudang Kung Fu for 9 consecutive years.

We started training on the second day. The masters divided us into three groups to teach, two groups were learning Wudang Tiger Form, and the other group was learning Wudang 28 Step Taichi. Master Hu personally taught Wudang 28 Step Tai Chi. What moved us most was that Master Hu taught us with injuries. Three days before we arrived, Master Hu accidentally injured his ankle while practicing “three consecutive kicks in the air”. However, Master Hu saw that we had come from Hong Kong from a long distance and had come back to study every year for the past few years. Resist the severe pain and insist on teaching us. Master Hu said that he saw that we asked to learn Kung Fu with the same heart as me when he learned Kung Fu. Therefore, we should not delay our courses and leave us no regrets.

After ten days of practice, each of our students completed the planned course. The trip to Wudang Mountain was very rewarding. After returning to Hong Kong, we must not only share the Wudang Taoist culture with our relatives and friends, so that they can also benefit from it; we must also pass on the kung fu we learned to the people of Hong Kong, so that more Hong Kong people can learn Wudang Kung Fu. This better inherits Wudang Kung Fu and promotes Wudang Taoist culture.

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