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Mrs. Yang, Singapore, Summer Camp Class

The summer vacation in Singapore is in May and June. After finishing the work on hand, my husband and I took my son to Wudang Mountain in June, hoping to use the opportunity of traveling and learning to let the kid know more Chinese traditional culture. My husband is a traditional cultural man who loves Chinese tea and Tai Chi. He has heard of Wudang Kung fu a long time ago, so he tried his best to persuade us and my son to come to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy.

After arriving at the academy, we chose a private customized summer camp class. Master Wang taught us Wudang 18 Step Tai Chi Form. After the first day of class, I found that Tai Chi was really comfortable. I felt very stressful when I went to work before and I didn’t know the direction, I don’t eat much every day. After only one day here, I felt my body stretched and my appetite became very good. I ate two bowls of rice at noon.

The next day we felt a little strenuous and our limbs seemed extremely stiff. My husband said that there is a fundamental difference between the Tai Chi practiced here and in the park! Immediately after the third day, we felt a significant change, the body showed a relaxed feeling, and there was a feeling of walking freely with mind and form.

Master Wang has repeatedly urged Taoists to pursue natural pursuits and not to force them, and to relax and practice if the body feels pain. I am a very rigorous person, trying to keep my posture in sync with my teacher, but my knee and thigh muscles are sore on the fourth day. But I could fall asleep within a few minutes when I rested at night. The previous insomnia and dreaminess are completely gone. I feel that my temperament is really close to Taoism, and Wudang Taoist Tai Chi culture should be promoted vigorously.

My son only obeyed his parents’ arrangements at the beginning. By the end of the last day of study, he began to have a deep interest in traditional Chinese culture, and would discuss Taoism with his master and parents from time to time. My husband and I also have a better understanding of Tai Chi Yin and Yang and the changes in the Five Elements. We feel that the harvest is beyond our imagination. After we return, we will let the elderly in our family come to here to study Tai Chi, and I will definitely send my son to study again next year.

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