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Spanish Team, Short-term Form Training Class

We are a group of 13 people and this is our second time to come to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy China.

Although our trip had been very long and we were really tired, academy’s warm welcome brought to our souls renewed energies so that we could start with the classes that same day. The staff at reception deserves to be stand out because of its kindness and helpfulness, none of us expected such big rooms, let alone individual rooms!

Our teachers were really well prepared for teaching, their skills were actually advanced. They had plenty of patience and went on and on repeating the movements we needed to watch again. Thank you very much! And about Master Hu, we didn’t expect him to be so warm. His wisdom left a deep mark in our brains and souls, so we won’t be able to forget either him or his academy at all.

After returning to my hometown, I will let more of my compatriots also understand and learn Chinese martial and Wudang kungfu, so that Tai Chi will benefit more people’s health.

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