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Frederick, Dutch, Monthly Healthpreserving Class

I am the person in charge of the Dutch Fitness Center. I knew Tai Chi a long time ago and Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of Tai Chi. With the boundless yearning for the Wudang Mountain, on April 24, I brought 5 students come to Wudang Mountain Kungfu Academy, learn the most traditional Wudang Taijiquan from Master Hu.

During the one-month study and experience, Master Hu and his teaching team made an exquisite course arrangement for us. In the morning, we mainly followed Master Hu to learn Wudang 13 Step Tai Chi. At noon, we followed Master Zheng to learn Mandarin and calligraphy, the Chinese language and calligraphy are full of fun and charm. In the afternoon, Master Hu taught us Wudang Healthpreserving Kungfu. In the evening, under the leadership of the masters, we learned Taoist etiquette, Taoist meditation and Taoist history.

Participating in the monthly healthpreserving training class of Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy this time, we are very satisfied to be able to cultivate health in Wudang Mountain. We have learned a lot. We not only learned the authentic Wudang Taijiquan, but also experienced the magic of Wudang Taoist health training. After returning to Netherlands, we will actively spread the Wudang health-preserving exercises so that more Dutch people can feel the charm of Wudang Taijiquan, cure diseases and keep fit, and prolong life.

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