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Italian team, Short-term Form Training Class

Here again, we are Italians! This time we have 4 peoples and this is after our last visit to Wudang Mountain Kungfu Academy in September 2011, we come to the academy again to study Wudang kungfu with Master Hu.

The four of us all have a basic experience of martial arts. Under the guidance of Master Hu, we were divided into two groups: Roberto Morello and I learned Wudang Taiyi Five Animal Form and Wuxing Qigong; Gabriele Misseri and Frusteri Claudio learn Wudang Xuan Gongquan 2&3 Form. Through nearly a month of study, we have a deeper understanding of Wudang Internal Kungfu, and great changes have taken place in our body and spirit.

Thanks very much for the academy’s team. We will come back to study and spread the Wudang Kungfu we learned in Italy.

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