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Alex, Portuguese, Short-term Form Training Class

We are a group of 3 people from Portuguese, with a strong curiosity about the mysterious Wudang Kung Fu, Anna, Luis and I came to Wudang Mountain Kungfu Academy. Although I have been exposed to some Chinese martial arts and swordsmanship before, this time I have come to experience a new martial arts field.

When we arrived, Master Hu received us warmly and thoughtfully arranged all the details of our daily life, which made us feel very warm and kind. Under the patience of the master, we trained with other students from all over the world to learn the Wudang Seven-Star Sword, Wudang Eight Immortal Sword, and Wudang 13 Step Tai Chi.

In here, in addition to these martial arts and swordsmanship, we are also deeply attracted by the surrounding quiet villages, leisurely green hills and peaceful ancient buildings, making us feel the weight and length of Wudang culture. Sometimes we would walk together on the ancient shrines and practice Tai Chi in the mountains, feeling as if we were all integrated into this ancient mountain, feeling happy and comfortable, quiet and peaceful. This feeling has never happened before.

Through more than one month of study, we not only got to know a brand new martial arts field, but also a brand new self. Wudang Kungfu can not only strengthen one’s body, but more importantly, let one’s heart blend into nature and let it go. After returning to China, I will take the Wudang exercises and teaching concepts that I learned this time back to my school, and implement them in daily teaching, and I will come to the Wudang Mountain Kungfu Academy to learn again when I have the opportunity.

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