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Master Hu Shi Huang

Founder & Grandmaster

Master Hu Shi Huang has been practicing Chinese martial arts since childhood, he is an ordained Daoist priest (Daoist name: Shi Huang) and a 15th generation disciple of the Wudang San Feng Sect, the founder of Wudang Kung Fu Academy, Master Hu teaches Wudang Martial Arts and Daoist Culture at his school in Yuan He Temple, Wudang Mountain.

Master Hu has been cultivating in Wudang Mountain for more than 20 years. He has learned the true inheritance of Wudang martial arts and is good at Wudang swordsmanship and Tai Chi. While studying martial arts, he studied Taoist scriptures and practiced GuQin under his teacher’s guidance. He has worked tirelessly to explore and improve in many aspects such as Taoism, martial arts, and GuQin studies.

In 2006, Master Hu and his daoist brother went down the mountain to establish a kung fu academy to teach Wudang martial arts. During his time at the academy, Master Hu served as the chief martial arts coach.

In 2008, Master Hu began to travel and visited famous Taoist mountains and temples across the country. During this period, Master Hu visited countless experts. Whether it was martial arts, Taoism or traditional culture, Taoist Hu humbly asked for advice and gained a lot. In particular, his studies at the Religious Department of Beijing Renmin University had a huge impact on him. At the same time, Master Hu worked part-time at the China Taoist Health Association, engaged in research and compilation of Taoist exercises, and taught health exercises at the Beijing Taoist Health Institute. During his stay in Beijing, Master Hu recruited many students, held classes to promote Taoism, participated in numerous large-scale activities, and continuously improved his own cultivation.

In 2012, Master Hu published a series of books on Wudang martial arts – ‘Wudang Tai Chi Fist’ in Wudang Mountain.

In 2014, Master Hu served as the director of the external affairs office of the Wudang Sanfeng Sect Association, contacting Wudang Sanfeng Sect disciples across the country, and organized Sanfeng Sect disciples to return to Wudang Mountain many times to unify boxing routines and learn theoretical knowledge.

In 2015, Master Hu planned and hosted the “Wudang Sanfeng Sect’s First Martial Arts Exchange Conference” in Wudang Mountain successfully, with more than 1,000 Sanfeng Sect disciples from around the world participating.

In 2016, Master Hu felt that it was not easy to cultivate Wudang Taoist disciple, so he established the Taoist Jing She in Qiong Tai Temple, Wudang Mountain, and concentrated on cultivating disciples behind closed doors.

In 2017, Master Hu visited the G20 Summit in Germany, participated in a series of cultural activities, and demonstrated Wudang martial arts in Germany.

In 2018, Master Hu was invited to visit Taiwan to give lectures and promote orthodox Taoist culture and Wudang martial arts.

In 2019, Master Hu moved Wudang Kung Fu Academy to a new location in Yuanhe Temple, Wudang Mountain, then has been teaching in academy till now.

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