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Master Wang De Xi

Traditional Chinese Medicine Master

Master Wang De Xi is a traditional Chinese medicine teacher specially hired by Wudang Kung Fu Academy. He was born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine and he is a traditional Taoist medicine doctor at the Taoist Medical Center in Purple Cloud Palace, Wudang Mountain. Master Wang has studied with the famous Taoist doctor Zhu Yinghua in Wudang Mountain for many years, Master Wang was Graduated from Wudang Mountain Taoist College, proficient in Taoist medicine and serving sentient beings.

Master Wang is kind-hearted by nature, talks little, and likes to think quietly about problems. He has a very good personality, is kind and respects his teachers. He always strive to be self-improving by “not being happy when you get something, not worrying about what you lose”, obeying the way of heaven and being harmonious and balanced. He cares about the common people and is virtuous, treats diseases and saves people while giving away medicine, and acts as a hero to save people from danger and helps the world with justice.

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