Wudang kung Fu

Roar & Kristian, Norway, Three Years Kung Fu Class

In 2015, my twin brother Kristian and I came to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy with our Kung Fu dreams. Kristian and I are both experienced Chinese Kung Fu fans. We love Chinese Kung Fu very much. We often work with each other during training. We have been systematically learning Wudang Kung Fu for nearly four years in Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy, and we have learned a lot here. We have learned Wudang Xuangong Knife, Wudang Tai Chi Sword, Wudang Eight Immortal Cudgel, Wudang Whisk, Kung Fu Fan and other Wudang Weapons, Wudang Tiger Form, Wudng Xuanwu Form, Tai Chi and other Wudang Empty hand forms. We have also learned Wudang Light Skills and Qi Gong.

Now, Kristian and I are still studying at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy. For us, practicing Kung fu is not only a love, but also a kind of life: enter the Tao with martial arts, practice Taoism, realize the dream of Wudang, and the dream continues. , Wudang Kung fu will always accompany our lives, getting better and better, and constantly improving.

Wudang Kung Fu

Hong Kong Team, Short-term Form Class

We are a team of 35 people from the Hong Kong Youth Association. As of 2019, we have came to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy to learn Wudang Kung Fu for 9 consecutive years.

We started training on the second day. The masters divided us into three groups to teach, two groups were learning Wudang Tiger Form, and the other group was learning Wudang 28 Step Taichi. Master Chen personally taught Wudang 28 Step Tai Chi. What moved us most was that Master Chen taught us with injuries. Three days before we arrived, Master Chen accidentally injured his ankle while practicing “three consecutive kicks in the air”. However, Master Chen saw that we had come from Hong Kong from a long distance and had come back to study every year for the past few years. Resist the severe pain and insist on teaching us. Master Chen said that he saw that we asked to learn Kung Fu with the same heart as me when he learned Kung Fu. Therefore, we should not delay our courses and leave us no regrets.

After ten days of practice, each of our students completed the planned course. The trip to Wudang Mountain was very rewarding. After returning to Hong Kong, we must not only share the Wudang Taoist culture with our relatives and friends, so that they can also benefit from it; we must also pass on the kung fu we learned to the people of Hong Kong, so that more Hong Kong people can learn Wudang Kung Fu. This better inherits Wudang Kung Fu and promotes Wudang Taoist culture.


Miguel Angel, Spain, Short-term Form Class

I like Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy very much because it has a very rich Taoist culture. In the past four years, I have brought students back to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy every year. This is the fifth time I come to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy. This time I brought 4 students from Spain.

Under the guidance of the masters in the academy, I studied Wudang Taiyi Whisk. What surprised me most was that Master Chen clearly remembered what I had learned, and helped me review and consolidate some of my mistakes. The other four students have learned Wudang 13 Step Tai Chi. They are very satisfied with Master Yu’s teaching and will return to study here in the future.

In Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy, we can not only learn Wudang Kung Fu, but also the essence of Chinese Taoist culture. Here, we can open our minds and share with the world the Chinese perspective and attitude towards the world.

Wudang Kung Fu

Anna, Russian, One Year Kung Fu Class

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since I was a child, I have been yearning for Chinese culture. I gave myself a Chinese name “Liu An”. My first impression of Chinese Kung Fu was because of the movie, which was produced by the Shaw Group in the 1970s. My favorite Kung Fu movie actor is the old-school action star Liu Jialiang.

Before coming to China, I studied other martial arts routines in Russia for several years. At first, I thought that the kung fu performed by people who sing Peking opera should be Chinese kung fu. As I gradually learned more about it, I realized that the skills in Peking opera Wu Sheng is just a corner of the mountain of Chinese Kung Fu, and as I work in the translation of Peking Opera (from Chinese to Russian), gradually I have a broader understanding of Chinese martial arts, and then I understand that Chinese martial arts is a vast ocean.

These reasons prompted me to come to Wudang Mountain to find my Kung Fu dream. At Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy, I found my belonging! The magical Wudang Kung Fu techniques and actual combat skills, and a healthy lifestyle make my body stronger. I found a brand new lifestyle in Wudang Kung Fu. Kung Fu is an attitude to life. It allows people to slow down, to perceive nature in detail, and to express themselves faithfully without concealing anything. In the fast-paced contemporary life, all of these are difficult for us to obtain. When you understand the importance of all of these, many times, you have been lost for a long time.

Thank you very much for Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy. I will come back to study again!